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Mercer Company

Scrap Guidelines

Common Scrap Requirements:

Salvaged Vehicle Requirements:

Vehicles must have a signed title by the owner. Batteries must be removed from the car. However, we will purchase the battery. Catalytic converters are competitively priced on an individual basis.

Plate & Structural & #2

Heavy Melt Scrap:

  • Prepared Plate & Structural: Minimum ¼” thickness - 5’x 2’ maximum in size Plate, beams, and angle
  • Prepared Heavy Melt/#2 Steel: Farm machinery, truck, car, & trailer frames or gears Minimum ¼” thickness - 3’x 2’ maximum in size
#1 Copper:

New production, clean, shiny. Wire must be thicker than the lead of a pencil. No solder, tin or paint.

#2 Copper:

No brass or steel attachments. Solder and tin are acceptable.

Aluminum Cans:

Beverage cans accepted either crushed or whole.


We offer certified Freon removal.

Unacceptable Items:
  • Propane tanks
  • Excessive Rubber
  • Microwaves
  • Carbon paper
  • Concrete
  • Excessive Plastic
  • Beer kegs
  • Books